Petina is passionate about languages, particularly her native Karanga/Shona language.  She owns every Shona novel and volume of poetry published by the Rhodesia Literature Bureau.  In 2007, she translated into English the novel “Zviuya Zviri Mberi” by Joyce Simango, the first novel to be written by a black woman in Rhodesia.


In 2015, Petina led a Facebook Project to translate George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” from English into Shona. With the support of the Orwell Estate, the resulting book, “Chimurenga Chemhuka” will be published in 2015 and all proceeds will go to the Zimbabwe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Petina also translates the poetry of Keats and Wordsworth. In collaboration with Rooftop Promotions, Petina is currently writing a musical about the Zimbabwean war of liberation, with a projected cast of 50. Petina also speaks German, French and ungrammatical Ndebele. As part of her research for “The Last Journey”, a novel set in East Africa, she is learning Swahili.